Depka Seramik Plaster

Depka Seramik Plaster

Depka Seramik Plaster

Depka Ceramic Plaster
Flexible Durable Facade Cladding
After the micronized ceramic powder particles are brought to the consistency of paint in the desired colors, ceramic leaves are obtained by firing at high temperatures. After these ceramic leaves are sized to the desired dimensions, they are mixed with certain color percentages and mixed with modified pure acrylic and applied to the wall.

It gives granite appearance to facades with color compositions created from natural granite colors. It penetrates the wall with high adherence, absorbs the cracks that may occur with its flexible structure, is resistant to acid rain and exterior conditions. With its breathing feature, it expels the moisture from the wall. It is non-flammable and has antibacterial properties. It shows high resistance to impacts and bumps, it can be repaired. Due to these features, it is widely used in stairwells and interior spaces.

Preparation of the Material: After a bucket of clean tap water is placed in a wide plastic tub, the chemical powder in the plastic bag inside the package is poured into this water and mixed quickly. Then the leaves in the paper package are poured into the prepared liquid and thoroughly wetted. After that, the binder given in the plastic drum is slowly added to this mixture and a mortar is obtained. If the mortar obtained is dark, it is thinned with water until a version consistency is obtained. The mortar can be used after resting for about half an hour.
Surface Preparation: If there are places to be repaired on the surface to be plastered, they are repaired. Then, the leaf is primed with Imge Acrylic Primer colored in plaster color and the primer is allowed to dry for 24 hours. The material is applied to the prepared surface with a plastic or steel trowel. During the application, the air temperature should not be below 5°C.

Shell (Leaf, Ceramic) Plaster
The material, which is manufactured from high-strength acrylic resin and ceramic-based shell fragments, depending on its chemical content and resin quality; It has superior properties such as water resistance, resistance to all external effects, and longevity.
Since granite carries the main colors of marble, an image is obtained on the façade as if a solid granite was cut as a whole and adhered to the façade. It covers cracks due to its shell structure, and is resistant to movement deformation with its flexible structure.
Since it is washable, non-flammable and has antibacterial properties, it is also used for interior decoration purposes.
• One bag covers a surface of 15 to 18 m².
• Easy to apply, durable, flexible, elegant, decorative, long-lasting
• It can wash itself with rain water, can breathe, anti-bacterial
• Long shelf life
• It is guaranteed for 5 years when applied with the right processes on the right surfaces.
• Our company sells domestically through dealers located in provinces and exports abroad to countries such as Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Guinea, Tunisia, Nijarya, Burkine Faso, Germany, Cyprus.

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